Secrets To Writing A Great Essay


Many students around the globe will dread the thought of final year exams and one of the most daunting parts of an exam is usually the essay writing. There are many tips are tricks you can use to prepare yourself for an exam and you can see the compiled list below.


The first thing you want to do is research as much material for your essay topic as possible. The more facts, quotes or general insight into something, the easier it will be to write about that topic.


You must always begin your essay with your end goal in sight. If you are trying to make up your story or points as you progress through your essay this means that you will lose your flow. Map out your essay before going and you will save yourself a lot of time.


Try and fill each sentence with a purpose. There should not be any filler words or sentences just to pad out the essay. Make each line concise and to the point and your essay will be clear and easily read.


Make use of quotes and anecdotes throughout the essay, or if it is a factual essay beef it out with data and studies. This will hook the reader in, especially when they can relate to the essay or be shocked by evidence. 


Give your essay a title that is enticing and will hook the reader. The first line is always the most important as it can grab the attention of the reader from the outset. The beginning and end should be striking. 


If you are going to write a long and detailed essay then it is probably a good idea to get a good quality pen. You want to keep the writing following without struggling with the simple mechanics of it. Try out this amazing green glazed fountain pen that will have your handwriting looking beautiful and flowing. 




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