Under 10$ Stationary Items To Make You More Productive


It does't matter if you are in the office or not, being productive and efficient in your daily life is the secret to success. Everyone has 24hours in a day, however some people are better at utilising their time to increase productivity. If you want to really excel in your career and strive for a better standing of living, then why not make a simple change today? But getting just a few cheap items from a stationary store can really make a massive impact on your time management and output in the office. Here are the best under $10 items you can get to help you achieve your goals!


1. Every office place nowadays is awash with cables and leads for the numerous devices littered around the desk. The phone, computer, tablet, keyboard and mouse, the list goes on, its not long before cables are everywhere cluttering your desk. Get some simple cable clips for under 5$.

2. Instead of post notes scattered everywhere, why not invest in a simple task list board that is easy to erase. Scribble on the board and erase when completed the task.


3. A mini USB vacuum. Believe it or not these exist and will help keep those dread crumbs off your work space. Available for as little as 9.99$


4. A pen pot to hold all of your pens, pencils and utensils easily, this way they wont clutter your desk.

5. A hardcopy book for planing your daily and monthly routine. This should be concise and easily available. The less information written the better as it should be a quick guide thats easy to pick up.


6. A good selection of pens of reasonable quality that simplistic design. This will help keep a balanced a clean look to your desk, while also ensuring quality. 


7. Flash cards and motivational cards to keep your mind working positively.


We firmly believe that a good quality and simplistic pen can make the world of difference to your productivity. Being able to jot down simple notes with a pen that handles well makes you feel more professional. Great mindset to have. 


Not all quality pens have to break the bank, we recommend this one pictured above. Get it while its still available here!


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